What’s My Age Again?

I have a tendency to not want to stay in the same place for over a year. This is not in any way a conscious decision. I do not intentionally go “Hey, I have been here too long, maybe it’s time for me to go”… but that is what ends up happening. I was in Utah for one year, and then I moved back home. I was home in Cali for 2 months when I moved back to Utah. And then I moved to Oregon exactly 1 year later. 4 months in Oregon was 4 months too long so I somehow made my way to Boise, Idaho.

And here it is, almost a year later, and I am still in Boise. It will actually be 1 year in October. I am already feeling anxious though. I am ready to move on again. This time though I do not have a desire to move to a different state, at least for now. You see, my job is going extremely well, and for once i feel like I am ready to set down roots somewhere. I will soon be going back to school. I am ready to take care of all my debt and get my life back on track. I want to get a house. I want to be responsible. I want to find a nice church and start going regularly. I want to get back into ministry, maybe even be in a worship band again. I want to be that old friend everybody looks at and says “Wow, he ended up doing something with his life”.

I have a long way to go though, and talk is cheap. My friend Nathan has asked me if I want to move in with him into the new townhouse he bought. Right now it is just him and his daughter, Rainy. She calls me Uncle Richie, which is rad. She is a way cool kid, and I wouldn’t mind helping Nathan take care of her. I am ready to move out of the house I am in now. It is not that I don’t like where I live. I love this house, and I have good roommates. I am not sure though how good they are for me. They in no shape way or form keep me spiritually accountable. If anything they drain me. One of them does not believe in God, and the other hates God for taking his sister at such a young age. I will continue too pray for both of them.

So do I move out? I will not leave my roomates high and dry. I will of course give them plenty of time to find a replacement roommate, if not find one for them.

I am not sure what to do right now. I will pray about it.

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