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Between a Bullet and a Target

I have moved out of that house. That door is closed. The final chapter has been written. The book has been published and then immediately tossed into the flames. The burning embers are all that’s left from that time of my life. This is not the first time that I have gladly left a situation or place. This time, however, I am not running away. Too many times before I was in a situation that grew way beyond my control. This time the roles have reversed, and I have outgrown my environment. I am moving on, not running away.

It took one week to move all my belongings from the house to my new apartment. It then took another week to clean out the house. It was bad. The house was trashed. It was the product of people that did not care about anything.

After James got fired from his job and bailed I may have over reacted. I have been burned too many times by roommates. This situation feels different. I hope I’m right. If I get burned one more time, I don’t know how I will react.

But now it is done. I look forward to living with Chris. He just got back from the Philippines yesterday and things are cool. I am glad that my dog has warmed up to him. My bigger concern, however was that Chris would warm up to her, but that also seems to be a non-issue. Things are going great. A new roommate, a new apartment, a new 57″ TV…

During the madness of moving I went into work on my day off to say some last goodbyes to the coaches with whom I had worked. I was told that the hiring manager for the Team Lead position wanted to talk to me so we talked and had an impromptu interview. The next day I was upgraded.

The first couple days were excruciating. It was overload. Now I have settled in and am ready to make an impact. There are so many people supporting me. There are too many people in that building that just will not let me fail.

This is not a house of cards that I have been stacking. I will not come crashing down.

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