Pearls To Swine

Things change back. No, not way back; not like I was. Not like before I moved out of my house in Southern California. I will never be that person again. I’m not changing, just my situation. I knew that business needs could change and that the position I was in might not translate into a permanent position. Sherman made that clear to me when I was upgraded.

Since January 29th I have been working hard to learn the way business is handled in all areas. I have learned how to handle certain situations that I never even originally made contingencies for. Most importantly I have learned how to pro actively remove “Trip Wires”; things that could be damaging to an employee or the business. I don’t think I have ever thought on such a Global scale before. Prior to my upgrade I did not spend much time assessing what kind of impact that a seemingly small decision would have, and now I can’t take a step in that building without wondering how it’s going to affect the people around me.

I have not been asked to go back to the floor yet, but I am one of few remaining of what’s left of the upgrades. I might not be out the door yet, but I am definitely being handed my hat and coat. At this point it is just a matter of time; a phone call asking me what call type I would like to go to. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the ACDT group. It has definitely been a learning process as everything has. I am sure something can be done to accommodate staying around ACDT for a bit.

For almost 2 years now I have wanted to be a team leader in that building. Now that I have had but a small taste, I can tell you that nothing has changed. Even after weighing my failures, I can say that I feel my successes more than make up for it. The responsibility and ownership that comes with the role is, for some, a tremendous pressure, one that overwhelms and consumes. Not me. I thrived on it. I ate it up; every last piece.

So what now? Nothing. Everything. I’m going to keep do what I have been doing, until I am told otherwise. Over the years I have learned how to very successfully lead from the middle of the pack, so to speak. If that is the only opportunity I will have for now, I will seize it. Most importantly I am going to remain positive in all of this. I have no need or desire to be anything other than positive.

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