mushy work

Shut the F%#$ Up & Dance

Last night was crazy. I had fun, but it definitely got weird. For those reading this that was there, this was my rationale:

1. I had to get home. I have this responsibility to the CSRs on my team that far supersedes my right to completely let go on a work week.
2. Yah, I saw her. Believe me, I noticed. I was not about to take advantage of a situation just because I could. And in the condition she was in, it for sure would have been taking advantage.
3. He was with her; “Mr. just can’t take a hint”. I’m not a toe stepper. I don’t interfere when someone else is already spitting game. If he left, and she stayed, then things might have been a little different.

But, again, I had a lot of fun, and I definitely would not mind seeing her again. And now it’s work time. Gotta Go.

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