In My Shoes

I mentioned in my last post about a feeling of transition. I just knew transition was coming. I could feel it. I have been through enough major changes to know when another change is about to rear it’s ugly head..

When Pam walked me upstairs to have a “sit down” I knew this was it. This was when I found out if I was getting made a permanent Team Leader, or if I was getting asked to step back on to the floor as a CSR once again.

When I saw Sherman sitting there it was a source of comfort. It helped confirm my previous theory, leaning more towards the permanent position side of things. Then he proceeded to lay on the table a red folder. Red. Bloody red. Death, destruction, pain, suffering; RED. My sense of comfort slowly faded into the background. I knew the conversation would still be a good one. Every talk or meeting I have had with Sherman and Pam has been positive and I didn’t expect this one to be any different. If I was meant to get feedback, and that was what this was about, then so be it. I thoroughly enjoy any feedback, good or constructive.

I did receive feedback today regarding my interview process and my performance on the floor as an Upgrade Team Leader. It was very positive feedback, and I thank Sherman and Pam for being so kind during the meeting. Sherman thanked me for being so patient during this long and arduous process. He also said that bringing closure to all the upgrades whom were interviewed and had not yet been offered a permanent position was necessary, as we have been waiting for many weeks.

He then slowly opened up the red folder and pulled out a single piece of paper. It looked similar to the piece of paper I signed when I was made an upgrade. Based on the conversation up to this point I was ready to sign a document stating that my upgrade pay would be removed effective immediately and that I was to return to the floor.

That is not what this particular document said at all. Sherman could not help but crack a smile. Pam hands me a pen. Sherman then asked me if I was still interested in the permanent team leader role. The answer, of course, is obvious.

Paper signed. It is now official. I have obtained the Dremel.

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