Feel Good Inc.

These moods are ephemeral, so I will enjoy while it lasts. I like where things are headed. I like my job. I like my friends. I like my co-workers. I have a good apartment with a good roommate.

I enjoy living in Boise. It’s so strange that I could find pleasure in such a slow moving environment. No beach, no huge malls. Still though, everyone is nice. Crime is low. People are not as stuck up or plastic. Most people here have lived here all their life. They have no idea what it’s like anywhere else.

I was the same way before I moved out of California. I thought that big city, beach bums, homeless hagglers and gang fights was all that life was. I was wrong. If only people out here knew that what they see at the movies or on TV is not so far off from reality.

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges. I look forward to them all. Tonight I feel good.

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