Ants Marching

The week ends, the week begins. Take these chances. Place them in a box until a quieter time.

This week everyone is talking about The community is up in arms because the infamous Yellow Alien has been let go. It is a sad time. What is sad about it is a lot of people are choosing sides. People are stirring up emotion and propaganda to show support for Scott or Angelo. I wish they would realize that no one person made DeviantArt the success that it is, and no one person leaving DeviantArt will be the end of it.

It was nice to be able to have a chat with Mikey, Chad, and Simon the other night. It gave us the opportunity to catch up on old times and discuss this devart situation. It was hardly negative, mainly citing nostalgic references that brought plenty of smiles to my face.

It feels like to me that the last of the originals are gone. We are spread out. We are lurking in the shadows. Every once in a while you might run into one of us, and you might remember the name, but you are not exactly sure why.

Lights down. You up and die.

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