November Rain

This is my punishment for not donating to the Red Cross for hurricane Katrina victims.

I woke up this morning to find my dog sleeping on the bed, which is unusual, because usually she is sleeping on the floor by the time I wake up. I take a step and there is a squish. My first thought is that my dog had an accident on the floor. Then I take another step… squish. Another step, another squish. Something is wrong. I open up my bedroom door to find water leaking out of my air conditioning vent in the hallway.

I prayed I was still dreaming. This is no dream. I call the maintenance guy and he gets the water off as soon as he can. The heat coil in the hot water heater busted. The whole apartment is soaked. They are going to move me into another apartment for a few days while they replace or dry out the carpet in here.

What a way to start off the day. I need help moving all of my stuff. Hopefully I can find someone to help.

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