Days Go By

Days go by and still I think of you, days when I couldn’t live my life without you.I am now living in Utah. I have been here for almost 2 weeks. Things are definitely different. Different job, different state, different environment. My car almost ran out of gas the other day, so I pulled up into a gas station to find it was closed! A gas station was closed! Welcome to Utah!

I miss all my friends in Boise. I made a lot of good friends out there. I can’t believe I lived in Boise for almost 3 years. I normally don’t stay in a place long enough to make the high caliber friends that I made, but Boise was the exception. I had a good thing going for me there, but I needed a change. I felt too stagnant. I have done some soul searching. I think I am somewhat afraid of being happy. I don’t know what to do when I’m happy. It feels wrong. When things are complicated and confusing and difficult I know what to do. Those types of situations I am comfortable with because I have been dealing with those types of situations for the past decade.

Thank you to all of you who came out to Lindy’s on my last night in Boise. I appreciate all of you so much. In a month I will be heading out there for an extended weekend. I will make sure Thursday night at Lindy’s is off the hook. Tell Wendy I’m coming!

Days go by and I get more comfortable with being out here. It almost feels like I never left. I have hooked up with my old friends out here and been having a blast. I have been hanging out with Wes, and Kris, and even Ryssa. Today I put my new computer desk together so I no longer have to sit on the floor to get online.

Now that I am closer to home I need to plan a trip to California. There are a lot of people out there that are important to me that I haven’t seen in a while.

You are still a whisper on my lips, a feeling at my finger tips, pulling at my skin. You leave me when I’m at my worst, feeling as if I’ve been cursed by the bitter cold within.

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