My Own Private Idaho

My trip to Boise was so much fun. My biggest regret was the fact that I couldn’t spend more time there. It was so nice seeing old friends and co-workers. I was greeted by so many friends my first night. Even my old boss decided to pay a visit. I will say that the whole experience inflated my already over sized ego. My vacation was one party after another, and I am really glad I went.

Being back in Boise made me question my reasons for leaving. I don’t think I should be in Utah right now. Boise feels like home to me. It feels more like home than Southern California. I left DirecTV for selfish reasons. I do not think I made the right decision when I left. T-Mobile turned out to be a huge mistake, so I took the first job that was offered and that was in Utah. So here I am. I did want to go back to DirecTV, but I always assumed that I burned too many bridges by leaving. Turns out this may not be the case. After talking with several employees, it seems like there may be a chance for me to be a Team Leader in that building again. I, of course am not getting my hopes up, however, this would be excellent for me if it were true.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like my job now. The problem I have been facing lately is the fact that it bores me. The Team Leader position at DTV was never boring; never a dull moment. Here I have practically no responsibility. I come to work, earn my paycheck, and then leave. I have no opportunity to make someone smile and laugh or leave some random, unwanted pearl of wisdom. I miss that. I miss making a difference. I miss DTV.

So what do I do now? Where do I go from here? Do I move back? In the last 5 years I have moved across state lines six times. Moving back to Boise would be move number seven. I don’t even know if I have the energy in me to do it again, let alone the money to cover moving expenses.

Only time will tell how this will all play out, but I think it’s obvious what I want to do, for now. I need to just make up my mind and figure out what I want in life.

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