Don’t Fear the Reaper

I was really upset when Showtime decided to cancel “Dead Like Me” back in 2004. I had finally found a show with a good plot, good character development, and superb writing wrapped up neatly in a comedy wrapper. And then almost as soon as I had found this perfect show, it was gone. Wikipedia had this to say about possible reasons for its demise:

There were several inconsistencies in the series which, rumor has it, contributed to its cancellation: We are told gravelings can vaguely be seen “out of the corner of the eye”, yet several episodes suggest otherwise. We are told reapers can only reap souls assigned to them; some episodes follow this rule (and found the plot on it) while other episodes prove the opposite. Reapers have no special powers except fast healing, yet at one point reapers sit on a virtually unclimbable tower in the middle of the city without being noticed in broad daylight.

My response to this? So what! Since when does a TV show have to be consistent? We will find inconsistencies in every movie and TV show we watch if we look for them. With “Dead Like Me”, the show was put together so well that it is easy to look past any inconsistencies and see the show for what it is: Fantastic Entertainment!

I bring this up now because the Sci-Fi Channel will start airing repeats of “Dead Like Me” starting on Tuesday, July, 18th. I highly suggest that you watch this show. Do what you have to do; set your VCRs (if you still have this archaic and antiquated technology), set up your season passes or schedule your DVRs and prepare to be amused by this wonderful show.

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