California, Rest in Peace

I hate moving. Since my initial move out of Southern California I have moved 10 additional times. That is WAY too many times, especially considering I only moved out 5 years ago. That is an average of 2 moves per year. Ridiculous.

I just finished my 10th move a couple weeks ago. Pretty much got everything packed, loaded, moved, unloaded and unpacked in 2 days. It is sad how efficient I have become at moving. For someone who hates moving, I have ironically become a master of it. Comcast came out and installed the cable modem and DVRs a couple days ago. It is nice to have internet back. I was starting to have withdrawals. It is hard to realize what an impact the internet has on our lives until it is taken away from us.

I was supposed to come out to California last month to go to Laura’s wedding and hang out with friends. I was really looking forward to it, however moving took precedence. I hope the wedding was lovely.

Hopefully I will be able to come out and visit soon. I miss a lot of people.

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