Based on your smile
I’m betting all of this might be over soon
But you’re bound to win
Because if I’m betting against you, I think I’d rather lose

But this is all that I have so please
Take what’s left of this heart and use
Please use only what you really need
You know I only have so little so please
Mend your broken heart and leave

I never stood a chance. It was doomed from the very beginning. I shouldn’t have allowed myself to fall. I could have avoided this, and I wouldn’t be feeling what I am feeling now. Those who know me, however, knew it was inevitable. Yes, this has broken me.

I know it’s not your style
And I can tell by the way that you move it’s real real soon
But I’m on your side
And I don’t want to be your regret
I’d rather be your cocoon

If I wanted to be selfish then I would have no problems being someone’s regret. When I truly love someone, though, it is best to ensure their happiness regardless of how it leaves me feeling. Sometimes, in order to protect the person I love it means I cannot say those words, no matter how much it stings not to.

But this is all that you have so please
Let me take what’s left of your heart and I will use
I swear I’ll use only what I need
I know you only have so little so please
Let me mend my broken heart and…

I do need some mending right now. How can I mend, dear reader, when everyone else is broken around me. I promise you it wouldn’t take much to get me on the road to recovery- just someone to love me. But not JUST someone. I do want her.

You said this was all you had, and it’s all I need
But blah, blah, blah because it fell apart and
I guess it’s all you knew and all I had
But now we have only confused hearts and
I guess all we have is really all we need

So please
Let’s take these broken hearts and use
Let’s use only what we really need
You know we only have so little so please
Take these broken hearts and leave

I’m thinking that maybe it will take me walking away in order to recover from this. Leaving is something I do really well, dear reader.

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