Situation Number One:
It’s the one that’s just begun,
But evidently it’s too late.

Situation Number Two:
It’s the only chance for you.
It’s controlled by denizens of hate.

Situation Number Three:
It’s the one that no one sees.
It’s all too often dismissed as fate.

Situation Number Four:
The one that left you wanting more,
It tantalized you with its bait.

-Jack Johnson

I find myself enjoying a simple song this morning. I have not had the luxury of enjoying too much of anything in the last few months, so I find it peculiar that I am still able to be in a fairly agreeable mood just about every morning.

I have some possible job opportunities coming up. If I do not get something soon, I will probably be heading back to Utah. I will try to prevent yet another move across state lines if possible, but these things are not always up to me. It is up to Him whom also gives me the joy to get through every day.

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